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πŸ–₯️ Introduction

Discover everything Wingman has to offer!


Welcome to Wingman! An innovative AI-powered companion designed to elevate your Unity game development experience. Our AI assistant is specifically tailored to provide essential support in four key areas: Art, Code, Design, and Language. Whether you're a seasoned game developer or just starting, our AI assistant is here to make your journey smoother and more enjoyable.

What is Wingman?​

Wingman is an extension for Unity designed to provide AI assistance to speed up your game development. Wingman contains 4 main sets of tools: Art, Code, Design, and Natural language processing. Each of these are designed to speed up everyday game development tasks.

Wingman is easily extendible with some programming knowledge. Allowing you to create your own windows for tasks specific to your projects.

Key Features​

Toolkit - Navigate around Wingman's tools rapidly using Wingman Toolkit. Toolkit is a one stop shop to quickly access all functionality within the Wingman Unity Asset. This can be found under the "Tools/Codematik/Wingman" menu.

Art - Unleash your creativity with our powerful Art tools. The Texture Generator enables you to effortlessly create stunning textures, while the Texture Tiler allows you to seamlessly tile those textures to fit any surface. Our Color Palette Generator helps you discover harmonious color schemes to bring life to your game world.

Code - Enhance your coding productivity with our AI-powered Code tools. Interact with the Development Assistant to receive real-time guidance and solutions to your coding challenges. Save time with the Script Generator, which automates code generation for common game mechanics and systems. Our Script Editor offers smart suggestions for a smooth coding experience. The Script Issue Assistant helps you identify and resolve code issues efficiently, while the Script Documentor automatically generates documentation for your scripts.

Design - Let your imagination run wild with our Design Assistant. Engage in conversations with our Creative Assistant to fuel your inspiration. Use the Name Generator to find captivating names for characters, objects, and places. Our Lore/Backstory Generator helps you develop rich narratives and captivating lore for your game universe.

Language - Ensure your in-game texts are polished and error-free with our Language Assistance. The Grammar Checker will help you catch any grammatical errors, making your game's text professional and engaging. Reach a global audience by using the Translator to seamlessly translate your game into multiple languages.

Get Started​

Ready to jump in? Get started through our Getting Started page!

Latest Version​

Download version 1.0.0 on the Unity Asset Store